SAP SuccessFactor - Employee Central - CASF01

SFEC01 – SuccessFactor Employee Central Course Content

Session#1: Success Factors Introduction

  • Why Cloud?
  • Why Success Factors?
  • Success Factors Core & Talent Management Modules Overview
  • Role of Professional Services Consultant

Session#2: Success Factors BizX Methodology

  • Accelerators, Configuration Workbooks, Estimators, etc. Success Factors
  • BizXpert Architecture
  • Business Execution Process in Detail
  • SF Launch Methodology

Session#3: Understanding Success Factors terminology

  • Introduction to Instance Introduction to Provisioning
  • Partner Portal, Community, Success Store

Session#4: Home-Page Acquaintance

  • Portlets, Dashboards, Tile Browser
  • Navigating Main Menu, Welcome Menu
  • To-Do List, Admin. Tools a Glance

Session#5: Welcome Menu Options

  • My Favorites List
  • Search Functionality
  • Help & Tutorials

Session#6: Personalizing the Instance

  • Welcome Portlets
  • Company Logo Update
  • Theme manager
  • Theme manager, e-mail notifications, etc.

Session#7: Introduction to Organization chart

  • Directory in Org chart
  • Resources in Org chart
  • Personal card in detail

Session#8: Introduction to Position Org. Chart

  • Add lower position
  • Add peer position
  • Manage position

Session#9: Introduction to Position Org. Chart (cont...)

  • Internal number ranges
  • Advanced position management
  • Internal number ranges to Position

Session#10: Introduction to Data (.csv) files

  • Export employee
  • Import employee
  • Manage employee

Session#11: Data Models: Corporate data model

  • Succession data model
  • Country-Specific Corporate data model
  • Country-Specific Succession data model

Session#12: Foundational Objects configuration

  • Organizational Foundational Objects
  • Job Foundational Objects
  • Pay Foundational Objects

Session#13: Generic Objects, Cost center

  • Other FO, Workflow configuration
  • Other FO, Event reason
  • Other FO, Dynamic role

Session#14: Introduction to Proxy management

  • Add/Hire new Employee
  • Understanding New Hire workflow
  • Monitoring Workflows

Session#15: Introduction to Employee profile

  • Employee Self Service
  • Manager Self Service
  • Data Change workflow

Session#16: Introduction to Role Based Permissions (RBP)

  • User Permissions, Administrator Permissions
  • Permission Roles, Permission Groups
  • Manage Security

Session#17: Introduction to Extended Markup Language (XML)

  • Working with XML pad
  • Document Type Definition (DTD) files
  • Creating/Modifying Rules

Session#18: Introduction to MDF (Meta Data Framework)

  • Generic Objects – Cost Centers
  • Manage Advance Objects
  • Manage Business Configuration

Session#19: Picklist Management

  • Working with Propagation rules
  • EC – Payroll Overview
  • Leave of Absence – Overview

Session#20: Introduction to Time Off

  • Define Holiday calendar and work schedule
  • Define Time type and Time profiles

Session#21: Introduction to Analytics

  • Standard Reports
  • Ad-Hoc Reports
  • Creating New Reports, Filters, etc.

Session#22: Introduction to Social Collaborations

  • Success Factors JAM
  • Success Factors Mobile
  • Activating/Registering Smartphone

Session#23: Introduction to Integration

  • Side-by-Side Deployment,
  • Full Cloud Deployment
  • Talent-Hybrid deployment

Session#24: Resume Preparation

  • FAQs in Interviews
  • Certification Guidance
  • Miscellaneous

Session#25: Open Session

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